Organic foods to reduce stress

poster 1Lives are increasingly becoming stress laden and guess what is adding to the skyrocketing levels of stress? Not work, not lifestyle, but Food! Yes, we have better looking fruits and vegetables now a day. But the better look is also a result of a generous supply of pesticides or radiation.

Processed food or the ones that is exposed to the use of harmful pesticides are a major culprit in a lot of new found diseases of our times. It is only common sense that the healthier the body, the healthier the mind. The more junk or pesticide traced food you include in your diet, the more stressful you will become. Don’t even think about emotional eating, for you binge on all the junk food in the world and instead of relieving yourself of the tension, you will end up piling on the stress.

The only possible way out is to choose only organic produce to cook your food. You can make that conscious choice to buy only from reliable stores which will stock organic produce free of any kind of pesticides. Make a conscious decision not to relish the junk food available at every nook and cranny, tempting you into a stressful life. Snack on nuts and organic fruits instead. Opt for a cup of green tea instead of the aerated beverage offered to you. Or else, what is more refreshing that a piping hot cup of masala chai! Grind your spices and make your own tea for you are going to enjoy doing it and will kick the moments of unnecessary stress in the process