Organic Terrace Gardening – For a Healthier You

Organic Terrace Gardening is on a rise since more and more people are now realizing the health benefits of organic food and how it is definitely better than eating foods laden with insecticides and pesticides.

You don’t have to be an agricultural scientist to begin a small organic farm right in your terrace. Start with something small if you have your doubts.  Many people begin their farming journey by planting herbs such as mint, coriander, basil and lemon. These leafy herbs also grow rather quickly giving you immense pleasure at seeing your efforts bear fruits so soon. Plant the seeds of the herbs in small pots and once they start growing you can transfer them to bigger pots.

The mentioned herbs are important ingredients in every day cooking and are therefore, extensively required in our kitchens. Watching the herbs grow will also encourage you to plant other vegetables like tomatoes, spinach, green chilies and more.

Organic farming does not require high maintenance since one does not make use of chemicals to ward off infections. However, the plants do require protection and this can be easily done using a spray that is a mixture of neem, onions, chillies, garlic and tobacco. So in effect, while you eat healthy you also breathe healthy.

For your organic terrace garden to be a success you only have to ensure that your plants are kept away from seepage and leakage areas and that they get enough water and sufficient sunlight for growth.

Now you can forget about running to the market every time you require a handful of herbal ingredients for cooking.