Are the Fruits We Eat Really Healthy?

organic foodWe all are aware of the benefits of eating fruits. As part of our daily diet fruits can be immensely helpful for our health. But do you know that along with fruits various pesticides are also becoming a part of your regular diet? Most of the common fruits are overloaded with harmful pesticides. Let us take a look at some such fruits.

Apple: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But apple is one of those fruits that are found to have pesticides way above the permissible limits.

Orange: Tangy oranges are favored for their taste and health benefits. But they contain banned pesticides at 140% above the permissible limits.

Cucumber: Cucumber is preferred for keeping the body hydrated and eliminating toxins from it. But even this fruit is known to be laden with several pesticides.

Banana: This staple fruit in our diet comes with a lot of health benefits like providing energy and sustaining blood sugar. But it also packs a lot of pesticides in our diet.

Strawberry: The delicious strawberry is popular as a high fiber and low calorie fruit with a number of other benefits. But the presence of pesticides on it has been found to exceed permissible limits by several degrees.

Pesticides can prove to be fatal if consumed for a long time. One way to continue enjoying the benefits of fruits is to switch over to produces of organic farming. Organic fruits are free from chemical pesticides and hence, are beneficial for our health.