Three Refined Foods to Say No To!

Three Refinorganic store bangalore, organic food supplier ed Foods to Say No To!

Before saying no the category of refined foods without which no normal person end his day today, we must know what refined foods are? Why are they harmful? To put it in simple words, refined foods are processed foods, foods that are prepared after stripping it off all its natural goodness. It is torn apart from all the essential vitamins, minerals and fibre, grounded to nothing, pasted into moulds and processed even further to make an airy product of nothing at all. However, just today you probably had one of these and maybe tomorrow even after reading this blog you will have some more. This is because refined food has been stashed not only in supermarkets but in our lifestyles as well. Nonetheless here some of these lethal foods that one must avoid.

White Bread: Ah! This is something that you did not want to read but beware this white slice of instant food that you chomp with a slice of processed cheese can surely make your tummy full but empty your health out. A must avoid, though it’s easily said than done.

White Pasta: Yes, you want to stop reading this blog now. Wait; read it! It is for your health. Avoid white pasta; instead have brown pasta, fuller wheat is a much better option.

White Rice: White polished rice is unprotected and bad for health. It protective cover of fibre is removed making it a harmful poisonous food that half the globe relies on for their daily meals. Brown rice is highly recommended instead of white rice.

These are some of the refined foods should be avoided and instead fully natural, absolutely naturally grow foods should be imbibed into the daily diet for a fantastically energetic and healthy life. Stash some organics in your fridge, now!

Organic Farming and Its Role in Agriculture

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The green Revolution solved the problem of shortage of food grains to quite an extent but it also led to major utilization of water, electricity and chemical fertilizers. This has resulted in the shortage of water and electricity for farming and also affected the quality of soil since the naturally occurring organic matter has been depleted beyond means while causing an alarming increase in the chemicals in the environment.

Increase of chemicals in the environment including air, soil and water and resulted in increase of number of health hazardous diseases. These diseases affect human, animal and plant life.

Some common problems that are have arisen from the intensity of the Green revolution are soil degradation, air and water pollution, decline in soil fertility, depletion of ground water, flooding, increase in salination of water and stunted irrigation efficacy. For all these reasons, farmers are being asked to turn to organic farming on a large scale. Organic farming can help:

  1. Cut down on the use and cost of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  2. Increase the biodiversity of insects and microorganisms that perform natural pest control thus decreasing the dependence on natural pesticides.
  3. Reduce dependence on ground water and farm power for irrigation. Many organically grown crops do not need regular watering and can sustain themselves on the rain water itself.
  4. Utilize crop residue for preparing organic fertilizers. This way one need not get into the hassle of buying expensive chemical fertilizers while giving providing complete organic care to the crops.