Neurotoxins in our Food and their Damaging Consequences

imagesOrganic food has in many ways been established as the healthier alternative to the pesticide rich “regular” food. New research has brought to light the effects of neurotoxin exposure on the brain health of fetuses.

The experts have identified twelve key neurotoxins that have the most widespread effect on children. Apart from causing a lower IQ, they are also known to cause autism and ADHD disorders. Pesticides were the main contributors to the neurotoxins in our environment.

How does it affect fetuses?

Grandjean, a researcher claimed that organophosphate pesticides have the potential to damage a fetus’ developing nervous system.

Grandjean and Landrigan said, “Our very great concern is that children worldwide are being exposed to unrecognized toxic chemicals that are silently eroding intelligence, disrupting behaviors, truncating future achievements and damaging societies.” Researchers are now referring to neurotoxins as the silent pandemic.

The brain and the millions of neurons within it are created within the first few months of pregnancy. The development of the brain is dependent on the movement of neurons under the direction of neurotransmitters and hormones. The neurotoxins, disguised as pesticides can knock these neurons out of their course causing slight or serious damage.

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Landrigan was quoted as saying, “I advise pregnant women to try to eat organic because it reduces their exposure by 80 or 90 percent.” Children and pregnant women are advised to rely on organic food so that the brain can develop without being inhibited by neurotoxins.

Organic Food Lives up to the Hype

organic foodIt is no secret that organic food is hailed as a healthier food choice. Consistently overtaking traditional food, organic choices have lived up to the hype of better health. The following points are a few testimonials.

  • They have a higher nutritional content including vitamin C, calcium, chromium, magnesium, iron and antioxidant levels.
  • They contain no neurotoxins. Commonly used chemical pesticides are still classified as neurotoxins.  Organic food therefore, is better suited to children’s diets as they are more susceptible to the toxins.
  • Genetically modified food is engineered so as to produce its own pesticides. They continue to produce them in the stomach. Organic food has no such pesticide factories.
  • The chemical pesticides are a major factor in water pollution across the world. Eating organic helps reduce a portion of the pollution. It is a sustainable food choice.
  • Food grown without the use of chemicals is bound to taste better than traditional choices.
  • Organic food is ripened naturally, without the aid of chemicals and/or gas.
  • Farms that rely on organic methods are safer for farmers. The potential health risks of getting Parkinson’s and other diseases is greatly reduced with organic choices.
  • Wildlife is also saved from harmful exposure to chemicals.
  • A large number of chemicals used in traditional farming are known to cause cancer.
  • Organic meat is not exposed to antibiotics and growth hormones.

All the reasons listed above fall short in describing the raging popularity and celebration that organic food is enjoying globally.


Is Eating Raw Food A Path To Good Health?

With the launch of raw food restaurants in global metropolis’ like London, one has to wonder if it is a passing fad or a true path to good health for life.

What is a raw food diet?

The diet as the name suggests is eating uncooked or unprocessed foods. The food is usually organic as it is considered a better alternative to the diet rather than the chemical laden in-organic food.Y3OG100Z

The diet usually includes fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, seaweed, algae and sprouted legumes. The food can be warmed.

Benefits of the diet

Followers of the diet sing unending praises about the mood-boosts and the high energy boosts that they receive from the food. They also talk about four hour sleep cycles that they can function perfectly on with the diet.

Not eating any food over the temperature of 42 degree Celsius means that the enzymes, the amino acid, vitamin and mineral content of the food is perfectly preserved. This also means that the body gets ample nutrition from the food, eliminating the need for supplements entirely.

Is cooking unhealthy?

While cooking is known to make some of the vitamin and mineral content more volatile, it also makes the food easier to digest and some of the nutritional content more available to the body. Refined or extremely processed foods can be unhealthy. It is best to choose middle ground and avoid eating extremely processed foods before embarking on the diet.

How to Live an Organic Lifestyle

Black Pepper powder-horzEverybody knows that living a healthy life is important. The good things it can do to your own mind, body and soul has been talked about much. But why do you need to live an organic lifestyle? Well, it can do a lot of good things to you. It also does protect the environment and the earth we inhabit in the process. More people choosing to lead an organic lifestyle means we are leaving the planet a lot healthier.

It does not take much to lead a simple, yet effective organic lifestyle. Here are some simple changes you can think about adding to your daily regimen.

Eat organic

Organic food is the first thing that comes to any person’s mind when you think about the word ‘organic’. It is often said that you will become what you eat. If you eat organic produce, may be you can avoid getting a lot of poisons into your system. When you chose to eat organic, you are supporting a large system which will eventually help reduce the negative impact pesticides and harmful chemicals can have on our planet earth.

Avoid buying chemicals

Cleanliness, germ killing and pesticides are way too overrated. You can opt for natural options rather than using harmful chemicals in your household. Think about vinegar or baking soda rather than the phenyls you use to clean your house. Think about natural mosquito repellents. Keep the surroundings clean to avoid roaches instead of spraying roach killers all over the place.

Use organic personal hygiene products

It is not easy to give up on your favorite shampoo or soap that you got used to over years. Think about the harm it can do to your skin or your hair over time, considering the amount of heavy chemicals added. Consider buying a herbal organic product instead. You are not as stinky or dirty as you think, really.

Use public transport

Save as much energy resources as you can. Make a choice about using the public transport. Or try using a bike.

Organic Vegetables in An Export Route

Bihar has shown an exemplary way in organic farming, thanks to the insight of the chief minister Nitish Kumar. Nitish Kumar’s government is promoting organic farming in a big way and the latest beneficiary of the hardwork put together by many farmers is the home village of Nitish Kumar in Nalanda District, Bihar.

Organic farming is not only flourishing in Bihar, the farmers are even preparing to export their vegetables to Europe. Farmers of a village in Bihar’s Nalanda district are the ones taking this big leap after receiving the prestigious C3 certificate by Ecocert, a French certification body for organic produce. The village is the first one in Bihar to have gained the fully organic status. The ‘Organic farming promotion programme’ launched a year ago by Nitish Kumar’s government has helped many a village in Bihar to reap success through organic farming. The farmers are happy at this new found opportunity to reach out to the organic markets internationally.

This success story has also proved a point that unlike large scale corporate farming which involves heavy machinery and pesticide support, organic farming too can get the farmer a profitable yield, that too without having to harm the land with pesticide residue in the process. It was a time consuming process for the farmers to shift from chemical farming to organic farming. However, the farmers are now happy at this new prospect of export with international firms, now that they have certified themselves as a 100 % organic village with no trace of pesticides including endosulfan, chlordane and lindane.

With many more districts on its way to complete organic status, Bihar is beaming in this new “Green Revolution”.

Eat Healthy Without Piling Up On The Pounds

ways_cutdown_calories_09We all have that problem when we find ourself snacking barely hours after having a full meal. Eating habits that have not been regulated are the culprit. But instead of placing the blame on them, there is a way out of this dilemma, where one can snack to one’s heart’s content yet still not suffer from the consequences .

One of the first things you can do is use smaller place in place of larger ones. Not only does this cut down the amount of snacks you consume, but it helps cut down on calories, as the net amount of unnecessary calories you consume is reduced.

Drink lots of water
Another  way to cut down on calories and reduce the body’s constant need to snack is to drink lots of water. Most of the time when the body sends out hunger signals, its because its dehydrated. So right before you feel the need to eat some snacks right after a heavy meal, try drinking a couple glasses of water. Not only is it good for the body, but it will assuage the body’s urge to eat snacks.

Get enough sleep
Yet another way to cut on the amount of snacks you eat is to get enough sleep. The less sleep the human body gets, the hungrier it gets, according to new studies. Sleep deprived bodies produce more amounts of ghrelin and less amounts of leptin, hormones responsible for the regulation of appetite. Ghrelin increases appetite while leptin decreases it. So one of the best and easiest ways to cut down on piling up on the pounds is to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

Live Long and Prosper

You wish longevity for someone, but the wish for longevity is fast becoming an irony in the current world where there are a million new diseases out there every day to hunt you down to death. You will sit and wonder why you are infested with these many threats towards longevity. A recent study on fruit flies show that those flies that were fed on organic produce lived longer. Does it ring a bell?

The earlier generation had lesser health issues and had a longer life, the key to it being the healthy diet they were having. They food they ate was organic without being labeled ‘organic’. There was no ready availability of processed food and they ate mostly whole grains, fresh produce cultivated perhaps by their own hands in their own backyards and poultry raised in their own households. To top it all, exercise or staying active was not a forced activity, but a normal way of life. Walking around was the norm. Alcohol was to celebrate happy occasions and was never part of the daily routine.

It only makes sense to see that they had a reduced risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other such diseases which will affect the longevity. There is no conclusive evidence yet, but it does not hurt if you adopt a healthy lifestyle and eat organic instead of the obviously harmful processed junk.

The fruits and vegetables grown with the help of chemical interventions may retain the residues of pesticides, which will eventually make its way to our body systems. Even if these residual exposures to pesticides are just a minimum, it is sufficient to cause multiple health hazards including serious neurological disorders. On the other hand, the organic produce is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are missing in these pesticide enhanced produce. Higher iron and calcium levels in organic produce will aid in having stronger bones and muscles, keeping the consumers healthy and active even in old age.

If you feel that buying organic burns a hole in your pocket, imagine the exorbitant bills you have to pay at hospitals while treating multiple lifestyle diseases caused just by eating pesticide laden food, and you will be able to see that the savings didn’t add to much. Make your choices in life wisely. Live long and prosper indeed.

Organic foods to reduce stress

poster 1Lives are increasingly becoming stress laden and guess what is adding to the skyrocketing levels of stress? Not work, not lifestyle, but Food! Yes, we have better looking fruits and vegetables now a day. But the better look is also a result of a generous supply of pesticides or radiation.

Processed food or the ones that is exposed to the use of harmful pesticides are a major culprit in a lot of new found diseases of our times. It is only common sense that the healthier the body, the healthier the mind. The more junk or pesticide traced food you include in your diet, the more stressful you will become. Don’t even think about emotional eating, for you binge on all the junk food in the world and instead of relieving yourself of the tension, you will end up piling on the stress.

The only possible way out is to choose only organic produce to cook your food. You can make that conscious choice to buy only from reliable stores which will stock organic produce free of any kind of pesticides. Make a conscious decision not to relish the junk food available at every nook and cranny, tempting you into a stressful life. Snack on nuts and organic fruits instead. Opt for a cup of green tea instead of the aerated beverage offered to you. Or else, what is more refreshing that a piping hot cup of masala chai! Grind your spices and make your own tea for you are going to enjoy doing it and will kick the moments of unnecessary stress in the process

Essentials to Survive the Summer

Watermelon-Summer-Food-800x1280Summer is just around the corner and the mercury is rising year after year like nobody’s business. Gear up early to shield yourself from the pangs of summer. The most important thing to get you survive a summer is to make sure that your body is well hydrated. There are three surefire ingredients to deal with the scorching heat.

Meet the Melon 

When the sun hits you hard, it is best recommended to add different items of the melon family whenever you want, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, mid day snack or juice. Water Melons, Cantaloupe and Honey Dew Melon will help you keep your body well hydrated while also giving you the refreshing summer taste fiesta. Being diuretics, melons also assist you in expelling the unwanted toxins from your body.

Juice the Citrus

Not only are the citrus fruits energizing in summer, they also add up to maintain a healthy and young appearance. The anti oxidants present in citrus fruits like grapes, lemons and limes do have a magical effect on your skin, thanks to the multiple antioxidants present in them. Citrus fruits also assist in easier digestion, thereby keeping your body as relaxed as possible in the scorching heat.

Chop up a Salad

It is a clichéd truth to say ‘as cool as a cucumber’. Cucumber teamed up with radishes, lettuce, spinach and mint is your body’s best refute to release heat and lighten up in the resulting cooling effect. Add them to your salads and sandwiches. Spice your iced tea with cooling mint leaves.

Do the spring cleaning, pack them winter clothes, pull out the summery cottons and relish a summery snack with these surefire summer weapons. Enjoy!

Three Refined Foods to Say No To!

Three Refinorganic store bangalore, organic food supplier ed Foods to Say No To!

Before saying no the category of refined foods without which no normal person end his day today, we must know what refined foods are? Why are they harmful? To put it in simple words, refined foods are processed foods, foods that are prepared after stripping it off all its natural goodness. It is torn apart from all the essential vitamins, minerals and fibre, grounded to nothing, pasted into moulds and processed even further to make an airy product of nothing at all. However, just today you probably had one of these and maybe tomorrow even after reading this blog you will have some more. This is because refined food has been stashed not only in supermarkets but in our lifestyles as well. Nonetheless here some of these lethal foods that one must avoid.

White Bread: Ah! This is something that you did not want to read but beware this white slice of instant food that you chomp with a slice of processed cheese can surely make your tummy full but empty your health out. A must avoid, though it’s easily said than done.

White Pasta: Yes, you want to stop reading this blog now. Wait; read it! It is for your health. Avoid white pasta; instead have brown pasta, fuller wheat is a much better option.

White Rice: White polished rice is unprotected and bad for health. It protective cover of fibre is removed making it a harmful poisonous food that half the globe relies on for their daily meals. Brown rice is highly recommended instead of white rice.

These are some of the refined foods should be avoided and instead fully natural, absolutely naturally grow foods should be imbibed into the daily diet for a fantastically energetic and healthy life. Stash some organics in your fridge, now!