Fighting Kidney Disease at Home

Despite being one of the most crucial organs in our body, the kidneys are often overlooked. Diseases like kidney stones can easily cripple and bring Hercules to his knees. Chronic kidney disease is a fatal disease that will gradually stop renal function.

Home remedies at the onset of the symptoms can help you manage your kidney health without expensive drugs and hospital care.

Home remedies

  • Salt – Convenience foods and frozen foods tend to have high salt content. Fresh, organic produce is a better choice as they are minimally processed.
  • Parsley – Known as a kidney cleanser, organic parsley is a perfect solution for healthy kidneys. Organic parsley is free from pesticides and other processing chemicals and safer than normal parsley.
  • Herbal teas – Certain blends of green and herbal teas are known to be beneficial to health.
  • Cranberry juice – When the kidneys are inflamed or irritated, cranberry juice is known to restore health to the kidneys, preventing any further infection from developing.
  • Aloe Vera juice – Packed with healing and antioxidant properties, Aloe Vera can be grown at home and used for a wide range of remedies.
  • Extra virgin olive oil – Is known to soothe inflammation and is therefore best used to slow the progression of renal disease.
  • Water – Nearly all kidney issues in their juvenile stage can be remedied simply by drinking more water.

While all these remedies can help you regain complete kidney health, serious and chronic diseases should be treated by a professional doctor.