Essentials to Survive the Summer

Watermelon-Summer-Food-800x1280Summer is just around the corner and the mercury is rising year after year like nobody’s business. Gear up early to shield yourself from the pangs of summer. The most important thing to get you survive a summer is to make sure that your body is well hydrated. There are three surefire ingredients to deal with the scorching heat.

Meet the Melon 

When the sun hits you hard, it is best recommended to add different items of the melon family whenever you want, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, mid day snack or juice. Water Melons, Cantaloupe and Honey Dew Melon will help you keep your body well hydrated while also giving you the refreshing summer taste fiesta. Being diuretics, melons also assist you in expelling the unwanted toxins from your body.

Juice the Citrus

Not only are the citrus fruits energizing in summer, they also add up to maintain a healthy and young appearance. The anti oxidants present in citrus fruits like grapes, lemons and limes do have a magical effect on your skin, thanks to the multiple antioxidants present in them. Citrus fruits also assist in easier digestion, thereby keeping your body as relaxed as possible in the scorching heat.

Chop up a Salad

It is a clichéd truth to say ‘as cool as a cucumber’. Cucumber teamed up with radishes, lettuce, spinach and mint is your body’s best refute to release heat and lighten up in the resulting cooling effect. Add them to your salads and sandwiches. Spice your iced tea with cooling mint leaves.

Do the spring cleaning, pack them winter clothes, pull out the summery cottons and relish a summery snack with these surefire summer weapons. Enjoy!