What is Biofertilization?

unnamedBio fertilization is the process of improving the fertility of the land using biofertilizers. A biofertilizer is an environment friendly fertilizer that contains a carrier medium rich in live microorganisms. Bio fertilization is carried out in order to increase the organic matter in the soil and improve the growth of plants by combating diseases.


Bio fertilization is very essential for organic farming. Here are the major advantages of the process.

High Sustainability

Bio fertilization enhances the phosphorus and nitrogen available to the plants in a natural way. This process of fertilization does not harm the soil or the environment.

Better affordability

Bio fertilization is a cost-effective method of enriching the soil with live microorganism. It reduces the dependence on chemical fertilizers.

Improvement in soil

This process of fertilization helps to restore the normal fertility of the soil. It improves the amount of organic matter or valuable nutrients in the soil.

Increment in productivity

Due to the use of bio fertilizers the plants produce an increased yield. The improvement in the quality of soil helps the plants to absorb valuable nutrients easily. Bio fertilization is effective in developing stronger root system for the plants and help them in growing in a faster and healthier manner.


Bio fertilization demands special care for the storage of biofertilizers as they contain live microorganisms. The soil must contain sufficient nutrients for the microorganisms to flourish and work. This process of fertilization is not very effective for soils that are too hot or dry.

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