Organic farms can sustain more species

IMG_0179Organic farms can provide long-term advantages for biodiversity. According to recent reports of researchers, the benefits of organic farms sustain over a long period of time. This quality of organic farms has proved to be one of their major advantages against conventional farms.

Organic farms can sustain more species as compared to conventional farms. They have the ability to support 34% more plants, animals and insect species. Researchers are of the opinion that such farms have a higher impact on species richness and better biodiversity if the farm land exists in an intensely farmed region instead of ‘island’ farms. The impact on species richness are more prominent in case of land having large tracts that are used for growing crops that are sown and harvested in the same agricultural year.

Though the comparative species richness is found to be 34%, this degree of richness generally varies between 26% and 43%. Such disparity can be due to several factors including regional variation in farming practices, etc. In areas covered by pesticide-laden conventional farms the organic farms provide rich habitats for several species.

Species richness can indicate how many different species there are in a farm but does not state anything about the total number of organisms. High species richness generally signifies a variety of organisms with different functions.

The support of more species by organic farms can prove to be beneficial for conservation of biodiversity. Organic methods can also be employed in industrialized nations to arrest the continuous loss of diversity.

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