Know How to remove Pesticides from Fruits and Vegetables

Eating healthy food is the key to a healthy body. But most fruits, vegetables and other food items today are laden with pesticide residues. These residues can cause several diseases in our body. So, it is necessary to remove them from our food as much as possible. Let us take a look at the steps that we can follow at home to get rid of the pesticide residues in our fruits, vegetables and other food items.


  • Washing is the first step towards the removal of traces of pesticide in our food items. Wash with 2 percent salt water to remove the residues from the surface of food items.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables with cold water for two to three times.
  • Wash the green leafy vegetables thoroughly to minimize the residues on them.


Steaming or treating most vegetables in hot water for a short while is effective in the removal of pesticide remains.


Peeling of fruits and vegetables can remove both systemic and contact pesticides to a large extent. Concentration, dehydration and extraction from the raw product are also effective against the problem.


Cooking different types of food in the proper manner helps in removing pesticide remains from them.

  • Pressure cooking, baking and frying of animal products removes the pesticide residues from animal fat tissues.
  • Boiling of milk results in destruction of such residues present in the liquid.
  • Proper heating of vegetable oils before cooking helps to remove the residues from the oil.

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