Fizzy Drinks can Cause Hypertension

Across the world carbonated drinks have become staples with meals and even otherwise. Despite numerous studies that show the sugary carbonated drinks as having adverse effects on general health and wellbeing, the drinks are very popular.

Along with the popularity of carbonated drinks, hypertension has become an equally recurrent disease. There might be a possibility that drinking soda is related to the occurrence of high blood pressure.


A study conducted by the American Medical Association reviewed how caffeinated beverages affected blood pressure on a group of 155,594 white women. At the beginning of the study all the women had normal blood pressure readings. Over a period of 12 years, 21 percent of the women reported hypertension diagnosis.

Is coffee just as dangerous as soda?

The same study concluded that women who drank anywhere between one and several cups of coffee were no more likely than somebody who drank no coffee at all to get hypertension.

However, when the consumption of caffeinated sodas increased, whether diet or regular, the risk of hypertension also increased proportionately. Women who drank more than four cups of soda per day faced a 60 % risk of contracting high blood pressure.


While the study is not conclusive in any way, it does add to the fact that caffeinated and carbonated drinks are not a healthy choice to make. So next time instead of reaching for a soda, think about organic cane juice, you may be making a healthier choice.

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