Eating Heart Healthy

imagesExercise and weight control is known to keep the heart healthy. The chances of a stroke with a healthy diet can be reduced by 80%. While there is no magic food that can cure all ailments, there is a combination of healthy patterns that can take an individual to the pinnacle of health.

There are several changes that one can make to stay healthy. Here are some healthy changes that experts recommend.

  • Cut saturated and trans fats from diet – These fats raise the LDL levels. Solid fats like butter and dalda should be avoided where possible. Use olive, safflower or sunflower where oil is required.
  • Make smart food choices – Eat organic where possible. They have a lower pesticide levels and are often not genetically modified making them a healthier alternative. Instead of potato chips, one can choose to snack on fruits and vegetables.
  • Cook at home – This way you can control everything that goes into your food, especially the level of sodium. Cut down on processed foods as much as possible as they have salt additives at some stage of processing.
  • Rely on healthy cooking methods – Try to forego deep frying food where possible. Baking and steaming are healthier choices of cooking methods.Cinnamon Bark

While the benefits of eating organic food have not been scientifically evidenced, several experts believe that it is a healthier alternative. Organic food tends to have higher levels of vitamin C, antioxidant phytonutrients and trace minerals, all of which contribute to heart health indirectly.

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