Is Eating Raw Food A Path To Good Health?

With the launch of raw food restaurants in global metropolis’ like London, one has to wonder if it is a passing fad or a true path to good health for life.

What is a raw food diet?

The diet as the name suggests is eating uncooked or unprocessed foods. The food is usually organic as it is considered a better alternative to the diet rather than the chemical laden in-organic food.Y3OG100Z

The diet usually includes fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, seaweed, algae and sprouted legumes. The food can be warmed.

Benefits of the diet

Followers of the diet sing unending praises about the mood-boosts and the high energy boosts that they receive from the food. They also talk about four hour sleep cycles that they can function perfectly on with the diet.

Not eating any food over the temperature of 42 degree Celsius means that the enzymes, the amino acid, vitamin and mineral content of the food is perfectly preserved. This also means that the body gets ample nutrition from the food, eliminating the need for supplements entirely.

Is cooking unhealthy?

While cooking is known to make some of the vitamin and mineral content more volatile, it also makes the food easier to digest and some of the nutritional content more available to the body. Refined or extremely processed foods can be unhealthy. It is best to choose middle ground and avoid eating extremely processed foods before embarking on the diet.

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