Eating Heart Healthy

imagesExercise and weight control is known to keep the heart healthy. The chances of a stroke with a healthy diet can be reduced by 80%. While there is no magic food that can cure all ailments, there is a combination of healthy patterns that can take an individual to the pinnacle of health.

There are several changes that one can make to stay healthy. Here are some healthy changes that experts recommend.

  • Cut saturated and trans fats from diet – These fats raise the LDL levels. Solid fats like butter and dalda should be avoided where possible. Use olive, safflower or sunflower where oil is required.
  • Make smart food choices – Eat organic where possible. They have a lower pesticide levels and are often not genetically modified making them a healthier alternative. Instead of potato chips, one can choose to snack on fruits and vegetables.
  • Cook at home – This way you can control everything that goes into your food, especially the level of sodium. Cut down on processed foods as much as possible as they have salt additives at some stage of processing.
  • Rely on healthy cooking methods – Try to forego deep frying food where possible. Baking and steaming are healthier choices of cooking methods.Cinnamon Bark

While the benefits of eating organic food have not been scientifically evidenced, several experts believe that it is a healthier alternative. Organic food tends to have higher levels of vitamin C, antioxidant phytonutrients and trace minerals, all of which contribute to heart health indirectly.

How Pesticides are Slowly Killing Rural India

Happy Organic FarmerRural India is facing deadly diseases or death itself, thanks to the residue of harmful chemicals like Endosulphan in the soil and water. This often happens wherever these chemicals are used as pesticides or fertilizers in farmlands. The residue is even affecting the babies who are not yet born. The seeds of cancer, kidney malfunction and nervous disorders are already sown even before life begins.  Researches done by the European Union proves that pesticides used on fruits, vegetables and cereals can have extremely harmful effect on fetuses and young kids.

Children with long term exposure to pesticides might develop serious shortcomings with brain development. This fate often reaches the children of poor farmers in rural India more than any other children who do not have bigger risk of exposure to chemicals. Traces of lindane, heptachlor, benzene hexachloride, aldrin and endrin were found even in the breast milk of mothers in these regions. Pediatricians suggest that the toxic effects of pesticides will adversely affect the nervous systems in children. Exposure to pesticides is also considered to be a key reason to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorders in children.

The only possible way out to save our children is to promote and support organic farming. Studies conducted among school children proved that when the kids switched to organic produce, the effect was drastic and immediate in the urine samples collected. The level of pesticides were reduced considerably right after the shift to organic foods.

Pesticide exposure happens even in homes and public and private gardens where any form of chemical pest control is used. Pesticides can enter the body through lungs mouth and even skin. The saddest part is that the group most affected by pesticides is little children.

Is Eating Raw Food A Path To Good Health?

With the launch of raw food restaurants in global metropolis’ like London, one has to wonder if it is a passing fad or a true path to good health for life.

What is a raw food diet?

The diet as the name suggests is eating uncooked or unprocessed foods. The food is usually organic as it is considered a better alternative to the diet rather than the chemical laden in-organic food.Y3OG100Z

The diet usually includes fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, seaweed, algae and sprouted legumes. The food can be warmed.

Benefits of the diet

Followers of the diet sing unending praises about the mood-boosts and the high energy boosts that they receive from the food. They also talk about four hour sleep cycles that they can function perfectly on with the diet.

Not eating any food over the temperature of 42 degree Celsius means that the enzymes, the amino acid, vitamin and mineral content of the food is perfectly preserved. This also means that the body gets ample nutrition from the food, eliminating the need for supplements entirely.

Is cooking unhealthy?

While cooking is known to make some of the vitamin and mineral content more volatile, it also makes the food easier to digest and some of the nutritional content more available to the body. Refined or extremely processed foods can be unhealthy. It is best to choose middle ground and avoid eating extremely processed foods before embarking on the diet.

Understanding Organic Fertilizers

IMG_0179Organic farming can be hard without the right fertilizers to nourish the soil. Most organic fertilizers feed the soil as well as the produce. They sustain living organisms in the soil that make the soil fertile, thus naturally replenishing the soil.

Ease of use

Most farmers presume that organic fertilizers will be harder to use than chemical fertilizers. Both forms, however are equally easy to use. Plant specific organic mixes and general fertilizers like dehydrated cow dung pellets and seaweed liquid are easy to use and spread around the farm.

Dry fertilizers

Composed either of one component like kelp or rock phosphate or a blend of many, dry fertilizers provide an array of nutrients. They can either bought as mixes or can be created according to the specific requirements of the farm.

The best method of application of the dry fertilizer is to broadcast and then rake, so it reaches the top few inches of soil. Also, the fertilizer can be added along with the transplants into the holes.

Liquid fertilizers

The best application method is to spray the plants during the growing season. The roots and leaf pores absorb the food. The best times to spray with a surfactant to ensure absorption are early morning and early evening. A drip irrigation method is also suitable for liquid fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers in essence are not very different from chemical fertilizers in their ease of use, but they nourish the plants and the soil for long term sustenance.