How to make the Simplest Organic Manure

If you think organic farming is expensive, you could not be more wrong. You can make your own power packed organic manure by just using what you consider as trash that needs to be thrown away. With the magic manure, you can produce without much cost or effort is actually powerful to transform any wasteland like desert or landfill or a mining site into a fertile Eden where you can grow food crops. The soil additive is absolutely inexpensive and has no chemical ingredient in it.

It is so simple that you might actually find this funny. You take any porous rock you can find in the neighborhood, add organic waste you find from your kitchen including chicken manure, vegetable peels, leftover food and so on and so forth, mix it all together and you have an amazing soil additive manure ready to prep your wasteland. The addition of a porous rock will enable a controlled release of nutrients while regulating the water supply efficiently. You will see for yourself that in no time the crops will bloom and ripen.

Researchers from the University of Cambridge recently found that the addition of this bio manure would help transform even places loaded with coal waste and metal residues. They found that the yield of those grown in coal waste with added bio manure was higher than from those grown in coal waste with added chemical fertilizers. The chemical elements found in the coal waste get ionized by the bio manure and releases growth nutrients beneficial for the plants. Adding this mixture to the soil will boost the growth of microorganisms responsible for nitrification, a process necessary for plant nutrition.


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