Stay Healthy with Organic Green Tea

Image Green tea is quickly becoming one of the most popular drinks throughout the world. The Chinese used green tea to treat a range of diseases from headaches to depression for more than four thousand years. Recent researches are proving that this habit of drinking green tea among the Chinese has been influential in decreasing the risk of esophageal cancer among them by almost sixty percent. Apart from reducing the chances of cancer, green tea also helps in reducing the cholesterol levels, infections of various kinds, improves immunity and is helpful in coping with cardiovascular disease and rheumatic arthritis.

Organic green tea is rich in catechin polyphenols compared to conventional green teal. Catechin polyphenols are very powerful antioxidants capable of destroying the cancer cells without harming the healthy cells. While there are many other varieties of tea, what makes green tea so special? The difference lies in the way green tea is processed. It is steamed rather than being fermented like in the case of black or oolong teas, preventing the healthy components from being oxidized.

Apart from fighting so many deadly diseases, organic green tea also reduces ageing and increases longevity. The anti oxidants in green tea prevent the skin from getting exposed to the harmful effects of free radicals, there by resisting wrinkles and ageing.

Organic green tea is found to be effective while dieting. Drinking organic green tea regularly will help burn calories more effectively. Another desirable and unbelievable effect organic green tea has is that if prevents tooth decay. Green tea also helps in reducing stress and anxiety. The benefits of organic green tea will actually go on. Now that we know these many benefits of organic green tea, why shouldn’t we be drinking it regularly?

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