Importance of Calcium Rich Food In Our Diet

Calcium is one of those nutrients that is essential for the human body. It is considered to be a “super nutrient” due to its importance in reducing chances for a wide variety of diseases like hypertension, osteoporosis and as recent studies would indicate, colon cancer.
Calcium’s essentiality can be seen from the fact that its required for several critical biological functions such as muscle contraction, blood coagulation, structural support of the skeleton, mitosis etc. Recent studies have shown that calcium-rich low fat dairy foods play a great role in weight management. Food rich in calcium should be consumed to prevent chances of the above said diseases. Some foods that are rich sources of calcium are.

Dairy foods-
Dairy foods are a good source of calcium. It is the main source of calcium in the U.S. Dairy foods also provide several other nutrients necessary for the human body and hence intake of the same is beneficial for the human body on the whole.

Green Leafy Vegetables- Some Green Leafy vegetables are good sources of calcium. But the amount of calcium that can be obtained from green leafy vegetables is much less than that which can be obtained from dairy products.

Fortified Soy Products– Fortified Soy Products, like Tofu prepared with Calcium Sulphate might be just what you need to solve your calcium deficiency problem

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