How Pesticides are Slowly Killing Rural India

Rural India is faciorganic farming, organic farmer, organic farming benefitsng deadly diseases or death itself, thanks to the residue of harmful chemicals like Endosulphan in the soil and water. This often happens wherever these chemicals are used as pesticides or fertilizers in farmlands. The residue is even affecting the babies who are not yet born. The seeds of cancer, kidney malfunction and nervous disorders are already sown even before life begins.  Researches done by the European Union proves that pesticides used on fruits, vegetables and cereals can have extremely harmful effect on fetuses and young kids.

Children with long term exposure to pesticides might develop serious shortcomings with brain development. This fate often reaches the children of poor farmers in rural India more than any other children who do not have bigger risk of exposure to chemicals. Traces of lindane, heptachlor, benzene hexachloride, aldrin and endrin were found even in the breast milk of mothers in these regions. Pediatricians suggest that the toxic effects of pesticides will adversely affect the nervous systems in children. Exposure to pesticides is also considered to be a key reason to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorders in children.

The only possible way out to save our children is to promote and support organic farming. Studies conducted among school children proved that when the kids switched to organic produce, the effect was drastic and immediate in the urine samples collected. The level of pesticides were reduced considerably right after the shift to organic foods.

Pesticide exposure happens even in homes and public and private gardens where any form of chemical pest control is used. Pesticides can enter the body through lungs mouth and even skin. The saddest part is that the group most affected by pesticides is little children.

Organic Vegetables in An Export Route

Bihar has shown an exemplary way in organic farming, thanks to the insight of the chief minister Nitish Kumar. Nitish Kumar’s government is promoting organic farming in a big way and the latest beneficiary of the hardwork put together by many farmers is the home village of Nitish Kumar in Nalanda District, Bihar.

Organic farming is not only flourishing in Bihar, the farmers are even preparing to export their vegetables to Europe. Farmers of a village in Bihar’s Nalanda district are the ones taking this big leap after receiving the prestigious C3 certificate by Ecocert, a French certification body for organic produce. The village is the first one in Bihar to have gained the fully organic status. The ‘Organic farming promotion programme’ launched a year ago by Nitish Kumar’s government has helped many a village in Bihar to reap success through organic farming. The farmers are happy at this new found opportunity to reach out to the organic markets internationally.

This success story has also proved a point that unlike large scale corporate farming which involves heavy machinery and pesticide support, organic farming too can get the farmer a profitable yield, that too without having to harm the land with pesticide residue in the process. It was a time consuming process for the farmers to shift from chemical farming to organic farming. However, the farmers are now happy at this new prospect of export with international firms, now that they have certified themselves as a 100 % organic village with no trace of pesticides including endosulfan, chlordane and lindane.

With many more districts on its way to complete organic status, Bihar is beaming in this new “Green Revolution”.

Importance of Calcium Rich Food In Our Diet

Calcium is one of those nutrients that is essential for the human body. It is considered to be a “super nutrient” due to its importance in reducing chances for a wide variety of diseases like hypertension, osteoporosis and as recent studies would indicate, colon cancer.
Calcium’s essentiality can be seen from the fact that its required for several critical biological functions such as muscle contraction, blood coagulation, structural support of the skeleton, mitosis etc. Recent studies have shown that calcium-rich low fat dairy foods play a great role in weight management. Food rich in calcium should be consumed to prevent chances of the above said diseases. Some foods that are rich sources of calcium are.

Dairy foods-
Dairy foods are a good source of calcium. It is the main source of calcium in the U.S. Dairy foods also provide several other nutrients necessary for the human body and hence intake of the same is beneficial for the human body on the whole.

Green Leafy Vegetables- Some Green Leafy vegetables are good sources of calcium. But the amount of calcium that can be obtained from green leafy vegetables is much less than that which can be obtained from dairy products.

Fortified Soy Products– Fortified Soy Products, like Tofu prepared with Calcium Sulphate might be just what you need to solve your calcium deficiency problem

Eat Healthy Without Piling Up On The Pounds

ways_cutdown_calories_09We all have that problem when we find ourself snacking barely hours after having a full meal. Eating habits that have not been regulated are the culprit. But instead of placing the blame on them, there is a way out of this dilemma, where one can snack to one’s heart’s content yet still not suffer from the consequences .

One of the first things you can do is use smaller place in place of larger ones. Not only does this cut down the amount of snacks you consume, but it helps cut down on calories, as the net amount of unnecessary calories you consume is reduced.

Drink lots of water
Another  way to cut down on calories and reduce the body’s constant need to snack is to drink lots of water. Most of the time when the body sends out hunger signals, its because its dehydrated. So right before you feel the need to eat some snacks right after a heavy meal, try drinking a couple glasses of water. Not only is it good for the body, but it will assuage the body’s urge to eat snacks.

Get enough sleep
Yet another way to cut on the amount of snacks you eat is to get enough sleep. The less sleep the human body gets, the hungrier it gets, according to new studies. Sleep deprived bodies produce more amounts of ghrelin and less amounts of leptin, hormones responsible for the regulation of appetite. Ghrelin increases appetite while leptin decreases it. So one of the best and easiest ways to cut down on piling up on the pounds is to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.