Living eco Friendly

ideas-organic-and-eco-friendly-products-my-green-living-ideas-768x894Whether you like it or not, it is a true fact that we are killing our planet little by little by exhausting the resources and abusing them selfishly. Global warming is not some stupid lingo crazy people blabber about. It is true and it is so close by. There are some very small steps through which anyone can contribute to help the planet survive better.

Use public transport: It is convenient to own a car, even better would be to own multiple cars, one each for each member of the family. You are rich; you can afford the petrol rates, so why bother, right? Even if you are paying for the petrol, the planet is paying the price for it. Make public transport your preferred way of commuting. Even better will be to use a bicycle to travel.

Reuse, reduce, recycle: Yes it is convenient to go for the plastic bag offered at the grocery shop. But it doesn’t hurt to carry a reusable fabric bag with you, does it? Buy less. Use stainless steel cutlery instead of the use and throw ones.

Eat Fresh: Buy fresh produce from local markets for preparing food. Avoid buying frozen or canned products. Opt for the seasonal fruits and vegetables instead of the packaged ones. Avoid eating packaged junk food and packaged drinking water.

Turn off the lights: Turn off all lights whenever they are not in use. Switch off computers whenever you are going away for a long while. The sleep mode for computers is not meant for a long three hour long break. Change the incandescent lights to energy saving cfl ones.

Give away: There might be a million people who might want to use your out of style cutlery or the nice sweaters which became tight for you. Make it a habit to give away the things you do not need to charity. Think twice before dumping things in the garbage.

Together we can save the planet.


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