Top 10 Reasons to Say No to Processed Food

If you get yourself addicted to junk food or processed food, it might be really hard to say bye to them. But by doing so, you are improving your health in more big ways than one. Incase you are doubtful about what real harm processed food can do to you, read along.images11

  1. On every packet of processed food these days you will see a lot of claims for being low fat, low carb, added vitamins, zero trans fat and so on and so forth. But the real deal is that how much ever low fat literature they write on their covers, they are the number one culprit in creating an obese generation in India.
  2. Coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer are some fatal diseases you might have if you fall in this processed food rut.
  3. Processed food might appear easier and cheaper now, but it will cost a lot to treat for the health hazards they induce in your life.
  4. Do you know that most processed food will never rot even if you stock it for months and years altogether? Are you sure you want to stomach something that doesn’t degenerate or digest well?
  5. Processed foods have either too much salt, sugar or oil or perhaps all of it. There is a limit to the sugar or salt human body can consume safely and processed food manufacturers don’t seem to take care of that.
  6. Do you know that by consuming white bread, you are consuming nothing but empty calories with minimal nutrition as opposed to the healthy wholegrain bread.
  7. They are also one reason why your body weight is skyrocketing.
  8. Check out the unpronounceable chemical ingredients present in all the processed food you plan to eat and decide whether you really want to eat that junk.
  9. The calories listed on packets do not really help you in maintaining the amount of calories you eat or burn. What really matters is whether you are earning good calories from whole foods which have nothing bad to offer you.
  10. It also makes you happy when you eat a banana and know that you are eating a banana. When you are eating some sort of flavored crispy fries that come in flashy packets, you are not sure about what exactly you are eating.

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