Live Long and Prosper

You wish longevity for someone, but the wish for longevity is fast becoming an irony in the current world where there are a million new diseases out there every day to hunt you down to death. You will sit and wonder why you are infested with these many threats towards longevity. A recent study on fruit flies show that those flies that were fed on organic produce lived longer. Does it ring a bell?

The earlier generation had lesser health issues and had a longer life, the key to it being the healthy diet they were having. They food they ate was organic without being labeled ‘organic’. There was no ready availability of processed food and they ate mostly whole grains, fresh produce cultivated perhaps by their own hands in their own backyards and poultry raised in their own households. To top it all, exercise or staying active was not a forced activity, but a normal way of life. Walking around was the norm. Alcohol was to celebrate happy occasions and was never part of the daily routine.

It only makes sense to see that they had a reduced risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other such diseases which will affect the longevity. There is no conclusive evidence yet, but it does not hurt if you adopt a healthy lifestyle and eat organic instead of the obviously harmful processed junk.

The fruits and vegetables grown with the help of chemical interventions may retain the residues of pesticides, which will eventually make its way to our body systems. Even if these residual exposures to pesticides are just a minimum, it is sufficient to cause multiple health hazards including serious neurological disorders. On the other hand, the organic produce is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are missing in these pesticide enhanced produce. Higher iron and calcium levels in organic produce will aid in having stronger bones and muscles, keeping the consumers healthy and active even in old age.

If you feel that buying organic burns a hole in your pocket, imagine the exorbitant bills you have to pay at hospitals while treating multiple lifestyle diseases caused just by eating pesticide laden food, and you will be able to see that the savings didn’t add to much. Make your choices in life wisely. Live long and prosper indeed.

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