Health Benefits of Brown Rice

brown rice, health benefits of brown riceHow is brown rice any different from white rice? Doesn’t white rice look nicer and cleaner? Can’t we have visually appealing food? Yes, it is true that white rice looks so heavenly beautiful compared to the not so pristine looking brown rice. But coming to think of the health benefits, brown rice stands two steps higher than the regular, prettier white rice.

What is Brown rice anyway?

Brown rice is the unrefined form of white rice. Yeah, exactly the same rice before it went for the fancy shmancy make over.  The brown rice is the unpolished unrefined and much healthier version of the regular white rice. It still has the hull and the bran, thereby making it “wholesome” and healthy. The hull and the bran still present in the Brown rice is rich in proteins, thiamine, calcium, magnesium, fiber, potassium and all that is healthy which is removed when one refines and makes the rice white.

Benefits of Brown Rice

Brown rice is rich is selenium which helps reduce the risks of cancer, heart disease and arthritis. The high manganese content helps the body to synthesize fats better. It is also better for the nervous and reproductive systems. The natural oils present in the brown rice are an easy way to keep the cholesterol levels on tab. It is needless to say that with all the above mentioned benefits, the humble brown rice benefits in aiding you with weight loss.

The brown rice is high in fiber content and is the first in the list of natural foods that prevent colon cancer. It also helps in stabilizing the blood sugar levels thereby making it an excellent cereal choice for people suffering from diabetes. Due to all the health benefits, it is also considered as a perfect and easy to stomach food for babies.

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