When Food is Genetically Altered!

The fascination towarposter 1ds modifying anything is a given in human nature. It has been an intriguing practice since time immemorial. For ‘genetically modifying’ food, the only resort so far was to do selective breeding. If you want to create a crop of rice which is resistant to a certain kind of disease, the traditional time tested practice is to plant a crop of rice and watch which among the plans are resistant to the disease. Once you arrive at a set of plants who are resistant to the disease, you will safeguard the seeds from the said rice plant and watch the performance of those plants created from those seeds over time, thereby arriving at a rice variety with high resistance.

This method of selective breeding has been successfully aiding mankind in identifying chickens with high resistance to diseases, creating gigantic pumpkins and so on and so forth.

While this was the story of yesteryears, genetic engineering techniques now help scientists to avoid all the difficult and time consuming rounds of trial and error selective breeding and help to add specific genes into any plant or animal to create any desirable effects. Even though it is possible to do things like creating a cross species in genetic engineering, an example being the plant that produces human insulin, it is only highly doubtful weather the science of it will almost always be used for very saintly purposes. The chances of using the technology to create profit minded genetic aberrations are but many.

The genetic methods of modifying food have reached a great level of produce enhancement that the local produce is reaching a crisis. Many slow yielding, yet highly efficient crop species are reaching a point of extinction in this madness of visually appealing mass production.

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