Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture

Agriculture is the foundation of our existence. Over the years Mother Nature has faced many changes which have deeply impacted the global climate too. Due to which there has been a variation in agricultural growth as well. Reasons for these are due to

Change in Rainfall Pattern: Rainfall patterns have changed around the globe. Due to which crop yields have also been affected. By nature, plants are resilient and can resist different conditions but frequency of drought or famine will bring down the production of crops.

Change in Temperature: When there is as irregular increase or decrease in temperature, the crops inhabiting in specific areas will be affected. For example all citrus fruits grow in cool regions. Imagine living without them due an increase in temperature. In warmer areas if the temperature dips there is a fear of infected crop yield.

Change in Weather Patterns:  Extreme droughts and heavy floods can be explained as a result of climatic changes. Crops cannot stand heavy droughts or storms. Though most of the plants can stand floods but they perish with no water.  In addition, floods erode the topsoil resulting in irreversible crop damage. Heavy winds like hurricane and tornadoes) uproot large tree species and damages storage places too.

Lack of Irrigation: Climatic changes impact water resources as well. We know how irrigation works and with a high scarcity of water, there has been a dearth in irrigation.

Thus, the quality of agriculture heavily depends on climate.


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