Essentials of Composting Daily Waste

Daily waste comprisescompostlogo2 of all organic wastes intended to go into the dustbin each passing day. These wastes include dead plant leaves, dead flowers, stems and seeds of vegetable and fruits, and other wastes from kitchens etc. People tend to throw these wastes not realising the value it can add to your home garden and flower pots at home, thus, decompose them! The composting of these wastes and their effective usage will lead to nature’s nutrients going back to nature itself. Compost looks dark, rich and moist on making and nurturing. However, do not underestimate the requirements of compost too. Certain bare requirements are needed to get the best out of it like…


Air is one of the most essential ingredients to fast and good decomposition of your collected wastes. Decomposition with the help of oxygen is called aerobic decomposition, while without oxygen decomposition also happens but, that is a slow process. You can improve the oxygen levels around it by adding shifting and rotating the resource.


Just like how a healthy plants need water to grow, so does the mixture of waste needs adequate water to decompose well. A thin layer of moisture should always be retained on the top layer. Microbes at work on your material need water to remain healthily at task or else they dry out and cause disruption in their ability to work in the remains.


Think it funny for waste to require food, well, that’s nature demanding from you. Any decomposition requires two kinds of food, green and brown. The greens include waste from fruits, vegetables, coffee beans and tea bags. The browns include twigs, branches, dried leaves, brown weeds, and twigs.

Thus, composting is not easy as it sounds; it requires efforts and certain parameters to be fulfilled for it to be prepared well.


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