The Tough Task of Balancing Fats

Who doesn’t like fatty food? You think I asked the wrong question, I should ask who doesn’t like food. But, no wait; I am repeating my question, who doesn’t like fatty food? Still haven’t understood? Alright, do you like cheese, mayonnaise, milk, cream, butter? If yes, then absolutely, you love fatty food. Let’s explain it simple terms rather than divulging chemistry that there are two types of fats, good fat and bad fat. The good fat is good and necessary for your body while precisely diagonal is the case with bad fats. The issue here leading you to a hard and extremely tough task is to  choose ok tasting and less tantalising good fats over the yummy bad fats. Below listed are tough but still relatively simpler ways to reduce the bad fats intake in your daily life.

  • Condense your intake of creamy sauces, dressings, dips and processed spreads like cheese sauce, mayonnaise etc. Avoid even in small quantities as dips with chips, or a thin layer of them on bread.
  • Fried food is strict no-no, the oil unless avocado oil or olive oil is filled with bad fats like trans fats and saturated fats.
  • Processed foods should be avoided with due care. These food literally drain out the essential nutrients and goodness of the natural content of the food to make them stomach fillers and nothing else.
  • Deserts are a weakness but you can lay your hands on some low fat yogurt based deserts low in fat and sugar. Similarly, avoid chips and packaged and preserved foods.
  • Try less refined and certified organic foods. They are tastier and are filled with nutrition and are cultivated without using pesticides.

Try adhering to the above suggestions at least for one month to see the difference in your health. Not only will you lose weight but your body too will feel more nourished with lesser bad fats and more good fats.

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