Kick Cancer with Good Food!

Just like the way there’s more to it than meets the eye, similarly there is more to food than the stomach digests! Changing lifestyles and a faster pace of life each year affect the body in ways unknown. Hasn’t your lifestyle change too?  Researchers say the big ‘C’, Cancer is caused not only by the verdict of the genes in one’s body but a slew of other lifestyle and dietary factors. Probably eating some good anti-cancer organic foods could avoid it.  Here is list of some virtuous foods for a healthy lifestyle that can dodge cancer.


Wine is no replacement for what is written ahead! But, the skin of grapes is stored with a miracle ingredient called Resveratrol, especially found in the purple and red grapes. These are filled with rich anti-oxidants that reduce the growth of tumours and help in fighting stomach, colon, liver and breast cancers. Include naturally found grapes in your daily fruit consumption basket.


Tomato’s colour is attributed by a chemical called lycopene which is naturally founds to be anti-cancerous in nature. Lycopene kills the tumorous cells and control the damages of some on all.  Regular consumption of tomatoes assists in fighting prostate, lungs and breast cancer. It also tends to absorb all the harmful rays of the sun deterring skin cancer too.


Garlic although pungent in flavour has rather beneficial properties in wading away the cancer. Garlic holds an exclusive antioxidant chemical called allyl sulfide. This is believed to stop the cancer causing process to a great extent. It helps in prevention of stomach cancer, breast, colon, and oesophageal cancers.

Include these foods in your daily diet and reduce your chances of getting the deadly fatal disease of cancer. Kick the cancer out and call life in!

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