Organic Food vs. Conventional Food


A very commonly asked question related to organic farming is that how are the organic food products different from the food products that are grown using conventional farming methods? A lot of consumers want to know the nutritional difference between the two and who scores over whom in the battle of organic food vs. conventional food.



Organic Crops Vs. Conventional Crops

Many people believe that organic food scores largely over conventional food because of the difference in the farming practices adopted by the farmers. Organic food is obviously grown by not being dependent on the chemical pesticides and fertilizers that are used liberally in conventional farming methods. As a result, organic food has no traces of chemical pesticides and harsh fertilizers that are found in the conventionally grown food. Hence, organic food is safe for consumption and has higher number of naturally occurring vitamins and essential minerals that are present in reduced quantity in conventional food. For example, studies have revealed that organic strawberries are a richer source of vitamin C and antioxidants when compared to their conventional counterparts.

Organic Milk Vs. Commercial Milk

Organic milk too has been found to be better than commercial milk and its products. There have been concerns about the presence of growth hormones in the commercial milk. Hormones are injected into the cows to simulate production of milk. The growth hormone is known to cause ill-effects in growing children especially girls. Thus, people are taking to organic milk in a big way since the cows producing the milk are left to graze the field for longer durations that helps them produce quality milk.


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