How Organic Farming Helps Establish Food Security

The many benefits of organic food have already been established and it is little wonder then that everything organic has taken the food world by storm. However, while the organic food is good for our health, how does it help the farmers who turn to organic farming?

There are many NGOs working at international level to help establish food security for the farmers and their families through organic farming. Aside from the health benefits, organic food is fast becoming a cost effective and sure way of helping many poverty stricken families get their three daily meals. Farmers are being asked to adopt the technique of organic farming to feed their families and reduce the expenses incurred on food. Organic farming also helps increase the yield of crop as well the monthly income.

The benefits of turning to organic farming are many for the farmers themselves.

The expense on costly chemicals, pesticides and insecticides is drastically reduced since all these are not used at all in organic farming.

The farmer can keep some share of the organic food for his family that will help in providing adequate nutrition to his growing children. In poverty-stricken families malnutrition is a major health concern in children as well as in women who have attained puberty and are of reproductive age.

The farmer growing organic crops benefits economically as well. The cost of chemicals is nil since they aren’t used and organic foods are sold expensive in the food market that helps the farmers increase their level of income.

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