Organic Food and Locally Grown Food – Are They the Same?

Organic food has taken the food industry and the supermarkets by storm. The consumption of organic food has increased many times over in the past couple of years. The reason for this is simple; more and more people are realizing and agreeing to the benefits that organic foods have over non-organic ones.

However, today the market is flooded with many brands that offer locally grown foods under the guise of organic foods. This has left many consumers asking whether organic foods are the same as locally grown foods or not.

Let us understand first what organic food is.

Food that is grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides and insecticides is termed as organic food. Farmers use natural manure and mulch instead of chemical solvents to grow their organic crops. Other organic foods products such as organic milk, organic meat and organic fish are also processed from everything natural and from that which has been grown in totally natural environments. In other words, organic food products are completely free from any kind of chemicals.

Organic food products are not the same as locally grown food unless the latter has been grown using organic farming methods.

Locally grown food may involve the use of chemicals such as insecticides and pesticides for the protection of the plants and to help them grow. Just because you have been growing the food in your vegetable garden does not make it organic. There are strict measures that need to be employed when cultivating organically grown crops.

The bottom line is you need to be sure that you are not buying locally grown food that is being marketed as organic food.

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