Give an Organic Touch to Your Container Garden

In the contemporary lifestyle characterized by hectic schedules, gardening is deemed outdated both in concept and in practice. Many treat gardening either as a retirement option or a countryside diversion, limiting its possibilities. The reality that you live your life in a suburban city, with the competition of each day holds no time for sustainable gardening, does not hold an excuse for not doing so. Container gardening offers an excellent entry point to those who want to try their hands at the pleasurable experience of gardening.

What Is Container gardening?

Defined as the practice of growing plants in containers, container gardening is quiet an established technique of controlled gardening within the confines of one’s home.  Since many vegetables can be promptly grown in containers, it’s a suitable way of growing your own food supply in a fresh, nutritious and convenient manner. Giving an organic touch to your container gardening practices makes sure that the items you cultivate are healthy, safe and uncontaminated. With a little practice and patience you can set up you organic container garden effortlessly.

Let Your Container Garden Take an Organic Turn

Thinking organic is the first step which is proven to be the best step as well.  There are a number of ways you can bring in organic farming principles while carrying out container gardening under your roof.

  • Organic Seeds: Using seeds  that are certified organic instead of genetically modified ones is an important way to ensure that your container garden is in accordance with organic farming principles.
  • Natural Soil Mix: Say no to soil that contains chemical pesticides or herbicides and try natural soil mix.
    Organic Container: The use of organic containers such as natural wood, clay or ceramic pots is sure to give your garden a healthy look.
  • Organic Pesticides:  Using organic fertilizers such as compost, manure, etc. instead of chemical/artificial ones not only endorses organic farming, but yields better results.

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