What to expect from organic food products

Organic food products are finding their way into our daily diet more often than not. Surprisingly, most of us
buy organic food products without knowing their nutritional value and the health benefits they carry. Most of
us have gone organic simply because we consider it a fad.

So what makes organic foods so special?

Organic food products are produced using a technique that does not require the use of pesticides and
chemical fertilizers for growing plants that give us food. Organic products are free from any kind of solvents
as well as food additives.

So does removing all traces of chemicals from our food make it healthier?

Farmers who grow organic food firmly believe in the advantages that the food has over non organic food

Health is Wealth: it has been proven that use of chemicals and hormones for growing food has caused grave
harm to the human body. With organic products one need not worry about food making you ill.

A moment on the lips: organic food tastes better than non organic food because it has no traces of chemicals
in it. Besides, organic food is sold fresh and not frozen unlike the non organic food products.

Friends of Animals: Special care is taken of the animals that help in production of organic milk, meat and
fish. Their dietary and other requirements are well met so that they give the best produce.

Go Green, Help Clean: while growing organic food, protection of the environment is a major priority. Hence,
harmful chemicals and pesticides are a complete no to ensure a pollution free soil, air and water.


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