Top 12 Fruits and Vegetables You Should Buy Organic

It is no secret that organic food is the most healthy option available to us in the age of pesticides and chemically treated fruits and vegetables. For those of us perturbed by the state of affairs, firstly availability and then prices on the organic produce act as a deterrent. So is there no middle ground? Well, one way out would be to pick those of the fruits and vegetables which are least contaminated. Studies have shown that pesticide exposure can be lowered just by avoiding the top twelve fruits on the list of ‘most contaminated’ and opting for the ‘least contaminated’ list instead. While the more heavily loaded fruits and vegetables may expose a person to upto 20 pesticides in a day, the ones least affected expose only upto 2 pesticides per day.

Some of these fruits, such as peaches, nectarines and raspberries are extremely toxic and have been sampled to contain upto 45 different pesticides. Some of the other most contaminated fruits are strawberry, apple, pears, cherrie, imported grapes (Chile, Mexico) etc. Fruits like apples and pears are pealed to rid them of the pesticide residues. Contrary to popular conception, the skin is not as beneficial as it is harmful. Note that pesticides dissolve in the water and can also be in the fruit. As for the vegetables, those that are the most likely to expose you to pesticide residues are celery, spinach, potatoes, sweet bell pepper, among many.

This is a handy list to memorize for a healthier life!

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