Are We Eating Food Or Poison?

The fruits and vegetables we buy are most often subject to one chemical treatment or the other for reasons varying from cosmetic necessities to the farming techniques used. The deleterious effects of pesticides and insecticides is a well-known phenomenon. Apart from this, farm produce could also be subject to chemical run-offs from industrial plants, poisoning the streams, rivers and consequently the soil as well. In addition, the innumerable toxic substances we consume in the form of preservatives in packaged food contribute to the list of our direct consumption of chemicals.

Chemicals like mercury can easily find it’s way into fruits and vegetables or seafood like fish. It has been reported to cause harm to the brain and fetal development, leading to tumors, dementia etc apart from causing birth defects. Aluminium, another common toxic element is an often found ingredient in food emulsifiers, tooth paste, baking powder etc. Cumulative accumulation of aluminium may also cause damage to the brain leading to dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The only way to avoid the scares of these intentional and unintentional chemicals is by choosing to go organic! In fact, if you are serious about ridding your body of years of toxicity, a simple diet of organic vegetables and whole grains will do wonders. If you want effective results, avoid any protein or fat intake. Once the detoxification is accomplished, your body will feel rejuvenated and lighter. At this point, you can start a regular diet. But of course, don’t fill your body with any more toxicity!

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