What are the Environmental Benefits of Organic Farming?

Organic food refers to any food that is grown without the detrimental interference of synthetic and unnatural methods or materials. The practice of using chemical fertilizers, artificial pesticides, and techniques of farming such as the application of radiation for faster growth gives yield that is not organic in nature. The growing demands of the modern world have lead to farming ethics that cause damage to the land as well as the health of it’s consumers and organic farming works against this.

Let’s consider the benefits of organic farming and it’s produce more closely. It has been observed that organic farming, if used effectively can reduce the cost of production by almost 30%. By doing away with harmful and synthetic chemical fertilizers or pesticides not only does the farmer avoid unnecessary expenses but also contributes to the health of the soil. Well-nourished soil further leads to higher yields. It has been observed that the sites of organic farming are home to various insects and birds which further help to kill unwanted organisms in the soil, rodents etc. The benefits of organic farming are far-reaching as they create a healthy ecosystem giving rise to a clear environment.

While adhering to organic farming is beneficial, the lack of it poses threat to human health. Organic farming, basically opposing the use of chemicals in it’s approach, is fast growing in it’s popularity amongst the health-conscious. Consuming organic food reduces chances of diseases such as cancer, disorders relating to heart and many more.

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