Why Do Organic Foods Cost More?

One factor that keeps most of us away from embracing organic produce is the high price labels on them. On the other hand, remember that organic fruits and vegetables offer a wide range of benefits that conventional food can never achieve- such as its benefits to health, environmental and animal friendliness. It would help to have a quick look at how it works behind the scene to understand the logic behind the pricing.

Organic produce is based on a comparatively smaller demand-supply circle which cannot compete with the widespread market of conventional produce. Even if organic farming is arranged on a relatively large scale it doesn’t fix the amount of time and work it includes. The longer hours of labour per cultivation makes labour costs much higher than that of conventional produce. Further, the diversity among various practices of organic farming means that it is a difficult task to connect various enterprises for a smoother functioning of the process.

The handling of fruits and vegetables post-harvest is another area of major expense. Organic produce have to be mandatorily separate from the conventional produce. As a result of this, the transportation and the processing becomes more specified and exclusive. Considering the smaller volumes of the organic produce, the amount spent on maintenance and transportation works out quite high in margin.

While it may seem that you are spending more by buying organic food, you are saving your body from harmful chemicals and preparing for a healthy life!


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