Organic Gardening Tips

Interested in growing your own organic produce? You’ll be surprised to know that you don’t have to be a farmer or have a large land to maintain an organic garden. Organic produce can be grown in a limited space with a mere functional knowledge of gardening. The produce will let you enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to giving you the satisfaction of being the gardener! Here are few handy tips to consider to grow an organic garden in your own backyard or terrace:


One can grow plants in as compact a place as a container; all you have to keep in mind is that most organic plants need at least 6 hours of sunlight. In cites, this provides an easy solution to avoiding the expensive organic produce available in the markets.


The health of the soil is integral to the health of the plant you are growing. It must be ensured that the soil is frequently treated with manure, and organic matter such as vegetable waste, leaves etc. The soil must be regularly turned to allow aeration. It’s a good practice to test the soil for common toxic materials like lead before you start out.


Choose your seeds according to the seasons that would support their growth. Plants like that of tomato, grow better in warm temperature while leafy greens require lesser sunlight per day.


Now all you need to work the magic are the handy tools from your basic gardening kit – the spade, garden fork and the trowel.

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