4 Benefits Of Organic Farming

Are you worried that the vegetables, fruits and other food items you are eating could be contaminated with chemicals and fertilizers? If the answer is yes, making organically grown food products a part of your diet would be a wise move.

Unlike traditional farming, organic food products are cultivated without the use of chemicals. It focuses on producing food with more nutrients and less chemicals. Here is an overview of the benefits of following organic farming techniques:

1)       Lower Cost: It has been discovered that organic farming is more profitable than the traditional farming methods. Using this method farmers can reduce the cost by  about 25 – 30% as it does not make use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

2)       Environmental Benefits: Organic farming is not about applying pesticides or chemical fertilizers to protect and increase yields. It is about preserving our air, soil and water with the use of harmless natural resources. For instance, instead of using weedicides to eliminate weeds, farmers who follow organic farming methods use Mulching Sheets to control weeds that grow in between crops.

3)       Preserves Ecosystem: Organic farming is all about building a synergy with various plant and animal life forms. It is effective in supporting the survival of wildlife in the lowlands. Since this kind of farming does not use chemical pesticides it is a good way to preserve soil.

4)       Healthy Food: Foods produced using organic farming neither contain artificial flavours or preservatives, nor do they contain any harmful chemicals. In other words organic farming helps retain the original nutritional content of food products due to the absence of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

To do your bit towards protecting our environment, practice organic farming. Our next week’s post is about organic gardening tips.

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